“ So, long story short, this was a humbling race that reminded me that marathon training is here and racing season is over. I’ve set some new PR’s over the past few months and now it’s time to remind my body what it feels like to run long and slow (that’s what she said). ”

Healthy Happier Bear — striving for moderation in the city that never sleeps

Thursday Long Run??

I know it’s crazy to think a long run on Thursday, but with two show Saturdays it’s really hard to do longer than a 7 or 8 mile run.  Last week was 9 on Saturday morning and I almost fell asleep while doing a cue.  So I have decided to move my long runs to Thursdays.  Both my P.T. person and my Personal Trainer thinks this is the best move.  I don’t get any recovery time on Saturdays for my mussels and my future long runs are VERY LONG.

so yesterday was 11 mile: Bari wanted to do the first 6 with me.  I said yes, but knew in my heart she wasn’t going to be focused to really do 6 or even enjoy what ever miles she attempted with me.  Now I must say I am not the fastest or best runner alive, but I do find great joy in the focus that running creates.  I have never been one to do only one task at a time, but running is showing me that I can.  So when Bari isn’t on the same cloud as me: THINGS SUCK.

So my plan was to run the west side highway path: leave from my house and head north.  we meet on the path, but Bari didn’t understand how I was going to get 5.5 miles north.  She thought that the path ended in the 70’s… silly Bari.  We start and right off the bat she is complaining of a headache.  Now if I don’t feel well I don’t go for long runs on a path I have never tried before, but Bari is at least a women of her word.  at mile 2 she is needing to stop for water.  fine… but I can’t stop for to long.  I need to keep going.  THIS IS MY LONG RUN not junk miles.  as we move along the path I kept letting her know where we are in relation to the city so she can jump out anytime.  Once we hit 125 park (3.77 miles in) she gives up.  we stop at the water fountain we both fill up our bottles and I wet my hair and go our separate ways.

now the fun part…. the last 7.23 alone and it’s getting hot.  the first 4 miles I was at a nice 9:30ish pace… way to race for a long run in the heat.  At mile 7 I slow up to a 10 pace.  which is much smarter for two reasons: 1st it is a long run and I need to watch my pace and 2nd it’s getting hotter.

I finish my 11 miles in: 1:48:07 and my avg heart rate is 159.  not to bad.  I’ll take that.

once home I put my legs up, iced my knees & feet,  and drank my water/ gatorade mix

Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesdays run was to be a 6 miler but Bari wasn’t ready for it.  so we did 5.

it was slow and not great.  I’m not running as well with Bari as I run alone.  don’t know what to do.  we are running buddies but she always wants to go slow or stop.  its weird.

my run was 5 miles @ 50:31 and WAY TO SLOW

Wednesday I was alone.  I stopped a few times.  it wasn’t my best 6 miles but very good heart rate.

6 miles @ 58:01.  much better than yesterday. and most important my heart rate: 153

tomorrow long run… 11 miles

long over due weekend recap

so Saturday hit and it was finale kinda not hot (I know that isn’t correct to say, but I am from Texas).

on my schedule Saturday’s run was to be a 9 miler, but I also had to run the gay pride 5 miler!!!

so this is what I did: ran four miles before the 5 mile race.

my races have been all about me getting faster, but with the kinda hot temp and four miles into a long run I took this race as easy and fun.  the other really great thing about this race it was my last in the 9+1.

sadly the race started at 9 and let me tell you it was hot.  Bari and I started out for our four at 8… it was fun and easy.  I like running the long runs.  very slow and no ego.

so once we got to our corrals we had about 15 min to recover (so it wasn’t a true long run, but it had to do)

we look great after 4 miles.  happy and ready to keep going.

we started with the hill of dome.  it sucks but nice to get over.  as we came over the hill I caught up with Bari, she is the master of the hills.  we made it past the west side rollers.  I was feeling hot but great.  the slow pace was hard to keep up because I like to race in a race.  every time I started to get faster I had to remind myself that I was in the middle of a 9 miler not a 5 mile race. 

we finished and it wasn’t my best time but

they gave us popsicles

I did a great slow 9 miles: 1:30 and that icy treat was perfect

I have been on a great training schedule with my runs and workouts.  still I have only been about to make it to one yoga class.  I will try to go this weekend. I promise  I promise

it to darn hot

yesterday I stayed in doors and skipped my run.  but today I tried to run in this heat.  and it didn’t turn out so well

I did a very very slow four miles and had to walk at least once during each of those miles.  thank god tomorrow is going to cooler.  if this heat is the future of the summer I will learn to love my treadmill again.

A slow & steamy six miles

today a heat wave is hitting nyc and the air will be deadly to run later in the day.

so me being careful I get up at 6 and hit the park by 7:45.

it was 73 and very humid when I left.  I knew I had to do 6 miles, but didn’t think it was the best idea to do the Harlem hills in this air quality.  so I started up the east side of the park, took the 102 transverse and once I hit 3 miles I turned back around back down the east side.

with my garmin on and working I kept a close watch of my heart rate.  I my average heart rate was 151 and just focused on a slow pace that wouldn’t cause any breather problems.  Being that I have been asthmatic all my life, but haven’t had an attack in almost 6 years I try to keep my lungs in mind when working out outdoors.

oh and last night I gardened on my roof deck.  I know crazy to plant in the dark but it was the only time I could.  Photos later this week once I get one more bag of dirt to finish the job.

Monday & Tuesday

Mondays, as always, are spent with my trainer.  she kicks me into shape and gets me ready for my week of training.  This week was no different expect I was burnt out tired.  my body is finding it hard to recover from all the running and my job isn’t a desk job.  I need to rest more in the evenings.

Tuesday was a fun 5 miles.  I headed out before it was sunny and I had a great run.  Even saw “Ziggy Man”.  the only down side to yesterdays run was my Garmin was dead when I went to grab it.  who knew it would die if it was left attached to my computer???

who well.

a 5 mile race instead of yoga

today should have been yoga, but I have a few more races to complete my 9+1 for the ING 2013.

so another early morning for me

up at 6:20

today I just did a greek yogurt with fruit.  small and light.

I wasn’t planning on killing it today so why eat a champions breakfast?

but the minute I stepped outside to walk the dog I was like: hmmm today could be fun.

I pinned my bib on to a new shirt

and headed out the door to meet Bari

we meet in my corral because my race time is better.

pre race photo

I turned on my garmin (so I thought) and hit go once I passed the start line.  the moment I started to run my body was like “hell yeah lets go”  I started to weave in and out of the crowd and Bari didn’t want to keep up with my madness.  so once I realized she wasn’t keeping up I put in my second ear bud and took off.

at mile one I looked at my garmin to realize it wasn’t on!!! suck ass, but I quickly turned it on (again) so I could keep an eye on my heart rate.

I have no idea how fast I ran the first mile, but the rest of the miles where:





for a completed race

41:38 with an average pace: 8:20

but the coolest of all is my age place finish: 56

and I finished 1831 over all

a very red runner after a killer run

I must say I killed this race and this great accomplishment completes week two of marathon training